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    For unparalleled quality ice, rely on Ice Water Solutions, the leading supplier of Hoshizaki ice machines. Hoshizaki is known worldwide for its innovation, durability and reliability. Our ice machines are perfect for restaurants, hotels and cafes, providing a constant supply of clear and flavorful ice.
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Ice cube machines

Any bartender can tell you about the importance of ice quality in creating flavor and texture in a cocktail glass. Premium drinks and ingredients simply need to be paired with nothing less than perfect ice cubes. Hoshizaki ice cubes are extremely dense, tasteless, consistently identical and slow melting, providing just enough dilution – a combination of everything a bartender needs in terms of ice aesthetics, taste and functionality.

Ice is the ‘finishing touch’ for any chilled drink. The quality of the ice cream can leave a lasting impression. In addition to five different sizes of ice cubes, Hoshizaki’s IM machines also produce special shapes such as ball, star, and heart-shaped ice, as well as extra-large and elongated cubes. This ice is extremely hard and crystal clear. In addition, it melts very slowly, so that your guests can enjoy their chilled drinks for longer – without loss of taste.

Hoshizaki is known for high-quality equipment with a sleek design and very low energy consumption. This Japanese brand with more than 70 years of experience in the hospitality, institutional kitchen and food service industry continues to strive for high-quality, durable and at the same time very economical equipment with the highest standard for professional use with constant innovation. This not only ensures a long lifespan with limited maintenance, but also a significant reduction in energy bills.

The ice cube machines from Hoshizaki immediately stand out because of the sleek design, made of luxurious polished stainless steel. Combined with superior freezing technology, this makes any Hoshizaki ice maker a high-quality addition to any catering facility. Hoshizaki’s unique range of ice cube makers from the IM series puts hygiene first. Each ice making cycle is performed with fresh water, producing only the highest quality ice. Due to the closed cell system, the ice cubes are completely tasteless, have a high density, slow melting and do not stick together.

Flake ice machines

The Hoshizaki FM machines can be used for either flake or nugget ice so that you can use the machine for a large number of purposes. Thanks to the unique worm system, the most efficient ice production process is applied, so that water consumption is equal to ice production. Because you can go two ways with the FM series, they are very popular with catering companies and cocktail bars, but also in the medical world for organ transport and healthcare. The ice is compressed during production, so it melts less quickly. With the flake ice produced by the Hoshizaki ice machines, the phenomenon of “freezer burn” does not occur when presenting fresh fish, fresh foods and bottled beverages.

For example, flake ice with a light texture has a fast cooling effect and creates an environment with even temperatures, without causing the unpleasant freezer burn. Therefore, Hoshizaki flake ice is very popular and is considered the ideal material for creating and covering hygienic and attractive food displays. For flake ice, the extrusion head is equipped with wide channels and multi-blade cutting blades.

These powerful, robust and durable machines are very popular in various market segments, such as food preparation/processing, hotels, cafes, restaurants and catering.

In addition, all flake and nugget ice machines use the natural refrigerant R290, which is environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

Nugget ice machines

The Nugget ice machines ensure that a large stock of ice cream can be manufactured in a short time. The machines ensure that the ice remains cool 24 hours a day. It is therefore an application that should not be missed in a restaurant, café or cafeteria.

Nugget ice is ideal for preparing Mojitos and Tiki cocktails, as well as other cocktails due to its speed of cooling and slow dilution. The ice maker’s extrusion head performs high compression to obtain harder and drier ice nuggets.

Hoshizaki nugget ice cream makers are part of the real all-rounders of the product range. These powerful, robust and durable machines are also very popular in various market segments, such as food preparation/processing, hotels, cafes, restaurants and catering.

Since the nugget ice machines convert all the water that goes into the machine into ice, the water consumption is equal to the ice production.
In addition, the nugget ice machines use the natural refrigerant R290, which is environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

Crescent ice machines

Hoshizaki’s KM series produces clear ice cubes in the shape of a half moon: Crescent Ice. A unique property of the crescent ice is that the cubes move freely. A major advantage is that no air holes are created, since the individual blocks do not stick together in the storage bunker. All this ensures maximum storage capacity.

The unique crescent shape is built from the inside out at an internal temperature of -4ºC and is often used in fast selling companies.

One of the most striking features of the crescent ice is that it has a round shape with a flat bottom topped by two small ridges. This mold is perfect for chilling drinks as it is tasteless, completely clear and melts slowly.

Thanks to the ridges on the flat side, the Hoshizaki Edge ice cream will not cluster in the ice bunker and is therefore always ready to be scooped up for immediate use.

Cubelet ice machines

Both cubelet and nugget ice are granular ices and both are popular for cooling drinks very quickly. Cubelet Ice is larger and more chewable than traditional nugget ice cream. It easily absorbs liquids and flavors while showing good drink displacement. Similar to Nugget ice machine, the Cubelet ice machine has an extrusion head with narrower channels and wider cutters for compressed, but chewable cubes.

Perfect for mixed drinks, cocktails and smoothies. Cubelet ice enhances the colors of all ingredients.

Due to the worm system, the water consumption is equal to the ice production.

Special ice machines


Our unique ice cube production system ensures that fresh water is used for every cycle, ensuring only the highest quality ice.

Water softeners for ice machines

Are you looking for the perfect solution to make your ice cubes clearer?
At Soft Water Solutions we understand the importance of crystal clear ice for your drinks and dishes. That’s why we offer an advanced water softener specially designed to effectively remove limescale and make your ice cubes sparkling and crystal clear.

Our water softener uses advanced technologies to reduce limescale in the water. By preventing limescale build-up, your ice cubes remain free of impurities and cloudiness. This results in crystal clear ice that not only makes your drinks more visually appealing, but also enhances the taste experience.

In addition, Soft Water Solutions offers a wide range of water softeners tailored to your specific needs. Whether you run a small catering establishment, a busy bar or a large kitchen, we have the right solution for you. Our water softeners are durable, efficient and easy to maintain, so you can focus on your business without worrying about scale problems.

Choose Soft Water Solutions and experience the benefits of soft water for your ice cubes. Soft water extends the life of your ice machine and other equipment, saving you money in the long run.

Don’t wait any longer and use the advanced water softeners from Soft Water Solutions today. Please contact us for a no-obligation consultation and find out how we can take your ice cubes to the next level with our limescale removal technology.

Why Hoshizaki?


The units are designed to last and come with smart design extras such as a magnetic water pump without direct coupling. This element prevents leakage in the water circuit and extends the service life.


The exterior is made of stainless steel. The closed water circuit offers maximum protection against any kind of contamination during the entire production process. All Hoshizaki machines are easy to use, clean and maintain.


Hoshizaki is an ice machine manufacturer with an extensive portfolio suitable for all types of businesses and purposes.


The use of the natural HC refrigerant R290 significantly reduces the overall energy consumption of the Hoshizaki ice cube machines.